Surgery for Onely Rosario

Who is this little boy that captured our hearts and changed our lives forever?

HOPE: Onely Rosario is an 11-year-old boy, living in Esperanza, Dominican Republic. He was abandoned by his mother at the age of 4 and left in the care of an grandmotherly widow, name Iluminada, who has loved him as her own. Onely suffers from a condition known as Spastic Quadriplegia, that prevents him from walking, a condition that he was born with. As Onely continues to grow, his condition worsens with continued rigid tendons resulting in sever chronic pain and restricted mobility. Click here for more information on Onely's medical diagnosis.

HEALING: Onely is in need of multiple extensive surgeries, which include bi-lateral hip surgury and tendon surguries on his lower legs. We are encouraged by the doctors reports, as they have stated that he should be able to stand for short periods of time (up to an hour) and, in rare cases, he might even be able to walk with assistance! 

JOY: To this day, Iluminada continues to take care of Onely as her own son. She is his sole care provider. She is at an age where lifting Onely from the wheelchair to and from the bed (and vice-versa), among other simple tasks, such as pushing him to and from church, are getting more difficult. We are confident that with Onely's decrease in pain and the possibilty of being able to stand or even walk, will offer a tremendous blessing and relief to both Onely and Iluminada. 

"with God, all things are possible".
- Matthew 19:26 

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